Michael Joseph Kulz

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Michael Joseph Kulz



Michael Joseph Kulz wore his favorite black bandanna to The Station nightclub Feb. 20. A big fan of Great White, Kulz, 30, looked forward to an evening rocking to heavy-metal music. That's what he told co-workers at Stop & Shop in Mansfield, where he was an overnight clerk in the dairy department.

Friends and co-workers at the store, where he had worked since he was 16, remembered him fondly. Overnight, long after the last customer had left, Kulz would take stock of the dairy cases.

"Mike was known for being a perfectionist when it came to his department," said Faith Weiner, a spokeswoman for Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.Besides heavy-metal bands, Kulz had a passion for comic books, and would playfully draw cartoons "for kids who were shopping in the store with their parents," Weiner said. "He had a great sense of humor and was well liked by all."




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