Lisa Jean Kelly

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Lisa Jean Kelly


Lisa Kelly, 27, was a quiet neighbor on a quiet street.

Neighbors on Coolidge Street, in Swansea, Mass., yesterday described her as someone who kept to herself but was friendly. Some said they got to know her through her young daughter, Zoe, who played with their children.
Bill Duquette and his wife, Chris, said they believed Kelly was a vegetarian, because her daughter was. And they remembered Kelly as someone who would speak up -- when the circumstances called for it.

"She was like a watchdog," said Chris Duquette. "We had issues with people speeding up the street. She'd go up to them and say, 'There are kids in this neighborhood.' "

"She was a sweet girl."

Tim and Joyce Levesque said they learned what happened to their neighbor only yesterday.

"You think, 'Not in a small town,' " said Joyce Levesque.

-- Journal staff writer Erin Emlock


2.26. 2003
Lisa Jean Kelly, 27; yoga instructor, therapist


Born in Norwood, Mass., she was the daughter of Joseph C. Kelly of Auburn, Mass., and Barbara Jean (Ruggles) Ingle of Attleboro, Mass.

Ms. Kelly was a teacher of yoga at various schools throughout the New England area, and was certified by the American Organization for Bodywork as a practitioner of the therapies of Asia.

She was a graduate, with highest honors, of the Community College of Rhode Island, receiving two associate's degrees, one in arts and one in business. She held a diploma from the Boston Shiatsu School, and was a third-degree therapist, graduating from the Usui Shiki Ryoho School.

She was included on the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners of Flower Remedies.

Besides her parents, she leaves a daughter, Zoe Jean Kingsley of Swansea; a brother, Joseph Kelly of Pawtucket; and a sister, Destiny Jean Nagle, and an aunt, Jacqueline Sewell, both of Attleboro.

source Providence Journal


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